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Emergency Plumbers Whitefield


M Plumbing are your experienced and fully qualified emergency plumbers in Whitefield and the surrounding areas. Our emergency plumbing service is available 24/7, 365 days a week so whether you’re experiencing flooding, leaks or cracked pipes, we are here to help and there is no job too small or large that we can’t handle. The earlier you detect plumbing issues, there is a much less likely of a chance there is that it will end in disaster. Therefore, if you have noticed anything potentially alarming, we urge you to get in touch with us today on 0161 660 7522 so our team can arrange a call-out.



“You can speak directly to Mark, one of our local plumbers – not a call centre”
M Plumbing offer an emergency plumbing, drainage & heating service right across Greater Manchester.

Toilet Repairs & Replacements Whitefield

Problems and issues with toilets are a lot more common than you may first anticipate. Common toilet problems include clogs, weak flushing, leaks and more. A clog is probably the most common toilet problems but this issue can be easily solved by our engineers. Most clogs can be solved and unclogged with the help of drain jetting that will help to restore your toilet to full working order. We offer high-quality toilet repairs and replacements for customers in need within the local area and we offer our toilet repair services to both domestic and domestic customers.

Tap Replacements & Repairs Whitefield

Have you noticed your tap dripping, leaking or simply not working as it should? As well as this being a major annoyance, tap issues can literally leak you money as well as leaking water. If you have a broken or leaking tap, we urge you to get in touch with our emergency plumbers in Whitefield as soon as possible to prevent your water bill from soaring. Where possible to do so, we will always offer cost-effective repairs. However, if you have been having reoccurring issues with your taps over the years, a replacement my be considered. Our engineers always come prepared with the best equipment for the job

emergency plumbers Whitefield

Whatever the problem, our highly trained and time served engineers can help to fix it!

Appliance Installations Whitefield

As well as offering emergency plumbing services in your area, we are also able to offer fully comprehensive appliance installations in Whitefield and throughout Manchester. Regardless of the appliance that you need installing, it’s likely that we can fully connect and install for you without compromise. Types of appliances that we’re able to install including dishwasher, washing machines, american fridge freezers and much more. Moreover, we also able to offer appliance repairs where necessary to prevent further problems from arising. From small appliance installation to complicated installation, we do it all and more.


Emergency Plumbing Whitefield

M Plumbing are your local, reputable and professional emergency plumbers in Whitefield. We have decades of experience and offer a fast-response service which helps us to offer same-day services on many cases. Moreover, we are based within your area and therefore we are likely to get to your property within just 1-2 hours of your initial call to us. All our staff are highly trained, time served engineers with many years of combined experience. We promise a fair price, quality workmanship, excellent customer service and all our work is fully guaranteed.


emergency plumbers Whitefield

Water Tank Repair & Installations Whitefield

If you’re looking for a smooth, hassle-free way to get your water tank installed or repaired, M Plumbing are here to help. We are your plumbing and water tank specialists that go above and beyond to ensure a quality service for all customers we work with. No matter how challenging the problem may be, our fully vetted, insured and local engineers can handle all types of water tank repairs and replacements.

Radiator Repairs & Installations Whitefield

Are your radiators giving you the chills? If so, don’t panic – M Plumbing are just around the corner and can fix your radiator issues today. Our friendly and local plumbers are local to you and are able to fix a range of radiator issues such as leaks, airlocks and uneven heating. If you’re experiencing radiator problems and need a quick solution, we are here to help.


Plumbing emergency  NEED HELP?

If you have a plumbing emergency, we suggest you locate your water mains and attempt to turn it off to stop any further damage which may have occurred. Speak to a member of staff today who will try to help you locate your mains over the phone before a plumber arrives

Whatever the problem

we can help fix it?

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“You can speak directly to Mark, one of our local plumbers in Greater Manchester – not a call centre”