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Emergency Plumbers Farnworth

In your time of need, M Plumbing are here to offer emergency plumbing services in Farnworth and the surrounding areas. For your peace of mind, our services are available 24/7 day or night and we are located within your area so you can be sure that we will be there within a reasonable amount of time. Whether you’re experiencing blocked toilets, an overflowing water tank or inefficient radiators and heating, we are your local and trusted plumbers you can rely on. Arrange your emergency call-out with our helpful and professional team today by calling 01204 896810.

“You can speak directly to Mark, one of our local plumbers – not a call centre”
M Plumbing offer an emergency plumbing, drainage & heating service right across Greater Manchester.

Toilet Repairs & Replacements Farnworth

If you’re experiencing issues with you toilet and if it’s clogged and blocked up, it’s important to act quickly and call your local plumbers before unsightly sights and smells get significantly worse in a short space of time. Unfortunately, blocked toilets are a common occurrence but they can be fixed almost immediately when you use trusted professionals just like ourselves. Moreover, we also offer able to offer toilet repairs for broken ballcocks, broken toilet handles and double flushing toilets. M Plumbing are also able to offer toilet replacements.


Tap Replacements & Repairs Farnworth


When it comes to taps, there are a whole host of issues that can occur that can be a nightmare to deal with. Dripping and leaking taps are a common occurrence and we’ll always offer repairs where it’s possible to do so. We are able to provide comprehensive repairs and also offer direct replacements if the issues and faults with your taps are beyond repairs. We’re always looking to provide the most efficient and cost-effective service for our customers.

emergency plumbers farnworth

Whatever the problem, our highly trained and time served engineers can help to fix it!

Appliance Installations Farnworth

Whatever type of appliance installation you’re looking for, we are confident that we can help. We offer first-class appliance installation service so if you want peace of knowing that your new appliance will be up and running as quickly and efficiently as possible, you can count on us to provide an excellent service.


Emergency Plumbing Farnworth

Our plumbing experts will be at your door in no time at all, and not long after that they will have diagnosed the exact problem you are faced with. Then with your go-ahead they will get down to work immediately to resolve your plumbing issue, quickly, safely and thoroughly. When you choose emergency plumbing services with M Plumbing, you are guaranteed no call-out fees, a fast response service and fully insured plumbers that go above and beyond.


emergency plumbers farnworth

Water Tank Repair & Installations Farnworth

Over the years in business, we have successfully completed hundreds of water tank repairs and replacements in Farnworth and across the North West. We offer a same-day service that gets your tank back up and running as soon as possible. Where it’s possible to do so, we will offer cost-effective repairs to current defects. However, if replacements are required, we will let you know. All repairs and replacements undertaken are to provide long-term solutions.

Radiator Repairs & Installations Farnworth

M Plumbing are also able to provide fully comprehensive radiator repairs and installations in Farnworth and the surrounding areas. Poorly functioning radiators can have a significant impact on monthly bills and that’s why we offer a same-day service to fix all issues!


Plumbing emergency  NEED HELP?

If you have a plumbing emergency, we suggest you locate your water mains and attempt to turn it off to stop any further damage which may have occurred. Speak to a member of staff today who will try to help you locate your mains over the phone before a plumber arrives

Whatever the problem

we can help fix it?

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“You can speak directly to Mark, one of our local plumbers in Greater Manchester – not a call centre”