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Emergency Plumbers Urmston

M Plumbing are a family run independent emergency plumber in Urmston and the surrounding areas. Our team of plumbers are fully accredited and highly experienced to diagnose and fix your plumbing problem in a timely manner. We offer a no fee call out charge as well as around the clock service so if you need a company that offers an extensive plumbing service, call us directly today on 0161 660 7522. 0161 660 7522.

“You can speak directly to Mark, one of our local plumbers – not a call centre”
M Plumbing offer an emergency plumbing, drainage & heating service right across Greater Manchester.

Toilet Repairs & Replacements Urmston

Damaged and broken toilets can not only leave your premises with an unpleasant smell, but also cause substantial damage to the building integrity, damage floor boards as well as carpets. As well as diagnosing the problem, our skilled plumbers will also look for the root cause of the problem to ensure the issue doesn’t happen again. It may be the case that we need to make a replacement or upgrade the plumbing system in which case we’ll be able to recommend the best products on the market and install them to a high standard. Talk to our emergency plumbers in Urmston today for emergency plumbing requirements such as overflowing toilets, broken toilet seats, clogged toilets, blocked toilets and much more.


Tap Replacements & Repairs Urmston

Dripping taps if left unattended can lead to flooding and damage caused by the subsequent damp. Sometimes the type of tap fitted may not be best suited to your plumbing system so we are able to install sinks, baths and basins with a variety of tap types such as hot and cold taps, faucets, centersets, monobloc, mixer or conventional. We strive to fix the problem initially, our experience lends itself to us being able to do this quickly and right the first time.

emergency plumbers urmston

Whatever the problem, our highly trained and time served engineers can help to fix it!

Appliance Installations Urmston

Houses often have many different appliances that could require the installation or alteration of the plumbing system. Whether it be a washing machine, dishwasher or fridge freezer, we have the knowhow to ensure your pipework will suit whatever appliance needs installing. Our team will also manage the installation of any appliance safely and to a high standard.

Emergency Plumbing Urmston

Our service speciality is to provide emergency plumbing in Urmston and the surrounding areas. The speed at which we can get around to your property, identify and fix the problem is truly a second to none service. Whether you have leaks, a burst pipe or a dripping tap, no plumbing issue is out of bounds for us. We strive to provide a long term solution so as to give you the best chance of not having to deal with the hassle and stress of plumbing issues.

emergency plumbers urmston

Water Tank Repair & Installations Urmston

Water tankers in their nature are large vessels of water so can therefore be prone to overflowing or serious leaks. We will always look to recommend the most cost effective repair, however if this isn’t a viable option, we will recommend a replacement and will be able to install and service this to our guaranteed high standard. Safety is our top priority, especially when managing repairs on water tanks we will do a risk assessment and ensure all electricity is turned off before attempting a repair.

Radiator Repairs & Installations Urmston

 Radiator repairs are especially urgent in winter, a cold house can lead to damp and moisture in the air. M Plumbing are here to provide a quick and reliable plumbing service to fix your radiators in no time at all. Whatever you need us for, call M Plumbing today – your local emergency plumbers in Urmston!


Plumbing emergency  NEED HELP?

If you have a plumbing emergency, we suggest you locate your water mains and attempt to turn it off to stop any further damage which may have occurred. Speak to a member of staff today who will try to help you locate your mains over the phone before a plumber arrives

Whatever the problem

we can help fix it?

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“You can speak directly to Mark, one of our local plumbers – not a call centre”