Here at M Plumbing, we understand that a clogged drain can be a huge nuisance. It can seem that the only way to get around a clogged drain may be to simply call a professional plumber. That is the case for most clogged drains but we have gathered some great tips to help you resolve the blockage yourself. If none of the steps provided help you resolve your blocked drain please feel free to call one of our trained professionals on –07838 187 672


Try Using a Plunger


It is important that we first try one of the most simple steps that can resolve your clogged drain. First approach the plug hole of the blocked drain most commonly it will be a sink. You will use a half cup plunger to help force the clogged drain to clear. Most simple drain blockages will be simply resolved after the use of a plunger. Once the drain has become unclogged this will result in all the water clearing from the sink. We would also advise you turn on the tap after the blockage has cleared to help wash the blockage away. If the plunger hasn’t cleared the blockage it is time to move on to the unclogging tool of your choice.  


Next Use an Unclogging Tool


We would advise that if the plunger has not cleared the blockage you should look at using an unclogging tool. The use of an unclogging tool will help clear any small blockages within your drain. Simply place one end of the unclogging tool into the plug hole and feed the tool deeper into the drain. Once you find the blockage use the tool to break up the blockage and clear the drain. It is considered the best practice to turn on the tap after the blockage has cleared to help flush the blockage away. If the unclogging tool of your choice has not helped to clear the blockage it’s time to use a liquid drain cleaner.


Try Using a Liquid Drain Cleaner


Liquid drain cleaners are renowned for offering a quick solution to a clogged drain. Simply apply your liquid drain cleaner to the hole of the sink and this will help to clear your blockage. The way liquid drain cleaners work is that they will cause a reaction with the blockage to help break down the blockage and help it to clear. We advise that you only use liquid drain cleaners as a last resort as they can be very hazardous.

Call a Professional Plumber


If none of the steps mentioned above have cleared the blockage it is time to get in touch with a professional plumber. A clogged drain can be caused by underlying issues, getting in touch with an experienced plumber will ensure that the issue is fully resolved and the blockage will be professionally cleared. Luckily one of our experienced team members here at M Plumbing are here to help you resolve any of your plumbing issues. Did you know that we offer a same day call out service to all areas of Great Manchester? Simply call one of the friendly team members today on – 07838 187 672

Why You Can Trust Our Professional Team Here at M Plumbing


We are a local, independent family company who are based in Manchester. The team is recognised as some of the most reliable and reputable plumbers throughout Manchester. We specialise in going above and beyond for our customers as the customer service we offer is second to none. When you discover a plumbing issue call us today and speak directly to Mark, he is one of our local plumbers who is very knowledgeable about the industry. We believe it is extremely important that you get through to one of our friendly team members and not a call center – 07838 187 672

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